CHIAPAS DEN HAAG Tacos & Burritos

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4 sterren uit 524 beoordelingen
28 sep 2020 om 20:56 Heerlijk!
22 sep 2020 om 10:05 Nice food
20 sep 2020 om 13:12 The wrong meal was delivered! Not your fault I suppose but you could tell Chiapas. HS
18 sep 2020 om 9:31 Was weer erg lekker. Beste Burrito’s in town!
13 sep 2020 om 22:53 Lekker eten mooi op tijd bezorgd!
7 sep 2020 om 21:11 I normally go to their “competitors”, but decided to try Chiapas for a change. I must say I’m blown away by the quality of food and the service of their delivery-guy. This will be my new go-to. A very well-earned 5 stars across the board for me!
6 sep 2020 om 21:13 Helemaal top! Heerlijk gegeten.
2 sep 2020 om 21:18 Nachos vergeten van mn voordeelmenu
31 aug 2020 om 23:56 It took an hour for us to get our food, which was about 15 min over the time they said it would take. I like Chiapas but I won't be ordering again. Also I've had the burrito and it was better seasoned before.
31 aug 2020 om 22:20 Food was very good but slightly cold when it arrived. This was only a problem for the tacos, as those are hard to warm up without cooking the salad inside.
29 aug 2020 om 22:47 Lekkerste burrito die we ooit hebben gegeten! Echt een aanrader :)
25 aug 2020 om 10:00 Het was t wachten meer dan waard. De bezorger was zeer attent.